When dealing with someone with depression, it is imperative that you think before you speak and are careful with your intentions with anyone with this serious medical illness.  Most people will feel down at some points of time in our lives, but there are also many of us that struggle with this common, yet major depressive disorder on a day to day basis, myself included.  I have tried to keep my circle small in the last few years, in order to keep only the most positive influences in my life around me.  We cannot expect everyone to be understanding of what we are going through though.  There are many people including friends and family who do not understand the seriousness of this condition.  They choose to not care, nor will they have the best interests for you.  I have learned that when these people refuse to acknowledge how you need to live your life for the better of your own health and in order to have less stress in it, it’s best that you distance yourself from them whenever possible in order to protect your own sanity.

For those who are clueless in how to interact with someone who is battling depression – here are three ways that I personally don’t like people interacting with me.  I believe others dealing with the same situations may feel the same way about my list.  Here they are below: View Post