Don’t you hate deleting old photos?   I take so many photos both on my phone and on my camera that it’s hard to keep up and I still haven’t figured out the best way for me to store them all.  Recently I have been making it a small hobby to do something different and carry my camera wherever I go.  When I get the chance, I try to grab take a few shots here and there.  I was going through my Canon Powershot SX530 (BTW this is a pretty awesome camera!) and realized I have tons and tons of awesome pics that deserve to be shared!  I live in a beautiful city (which is more of biased opinion than anything else) and despite our many shortfalls, Toledo still has a lot of potential to become an even better place to live.  That said, I can’t see myself living here forever, but home is where the heart is, right??

Anyway, I wanted to share just a few of my favorite personal pictures that I was able to capture with you of my hometown before I retired the current SD card for a new one.  Check them out below. View Post

These are my own personal photos and if you feel the urge to duplicate them or share them in any way, please read my policy on that HERE- under copyright policy :)