Throughout the years, I have owned many dogs yet, It is only very recently that I realized how much of a role a pet has played in my life.  I cannot recall ever crying over my dogs as they passed away.  Most died with out me around and also suddenly, and so I think that had something to do with me being able to control my emotions when they finally crossed over.  Recently though, reality hit me when my latest dog was given a terminal diagnosis.  I’ve oddly been dealing with it very different than the rest of the pets I have ever owned.  Why have I been so emotional lately though?  I believe it’s because she has been right at my side through most of the toughest times of my life – the death of a child, illnesses of my own, court dealings and also various changes in my life – and so I hold a perhaps larger connection and love for her that I had not had with any of the others.

Many of us see our pets just as our children.  And so it hurts just as much to see them in pain, to know that they are dying, and that there is nothing that you can do or say to change what’s going to eventually happen.  No one wants to hear that they will soon have to have their loved pet euthanized, or that they will die fairly soon.  But when that time comes, there are a few tips you can utilize to prepare for the situation a bit better.  These tips have helped me thus far. View Post