Thanksgiving dinner. Could there be any other meal in United States households that is more anticipated? Perhaps Easter and Christmas are close behind, but for Thanksgiving, gathering around the table with family for some good home cooked food has been widely commercialized for years, tradition for decades, and part of most American’s social fabric. Gathering with our family and friends around a table full of delicacies, casseroles and of course the turkey, is part of what makes the holiday season so special for so many of us these days.

Many of us start to plan our Thanksgiving meals well in advance for 23rd of November.  Decorating for the Christmas season might be last on the list of things to do – except for perhaps putting up the Christmas tree. We’ll start cleaning our vegetables and even perhaps the chitterlings (not me though, I don’t eat that stuff, lol) days before. The smell of warm apple and sweet potato pies, glazed ham and fried chicken is definitely a temptation to be had! So, if you’re family is like mine and is planning the perfect Thanksgiving dinner, what items are your menu must-haves? View Post


But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. (Matthew 18:6 kjv)

Fairly recently, two pastors local to the city that I live in were arrested and charged with sex trafficking a teenage girl.  Fast forward to today, months later from the when the first arrests were made, and come to find out, a third pastor has been charged with his own alleged involvement with the same case.

Such jaw dropping news spreads fast, and so does opinions.  I can only imagine what the families of the accused feel when being hit with such serious charges.  I feel so sorry for those who were blindsided and also the victims.  I’ve also often wondered how church members deal with the news of finding out their pastor could really be a pedophile, and/or a sex trafficker. View Post



When dealing with someone with depression, it is imperative that you think before you speak and are careful with your intentions with anyone with this serious medical illness.  Most people will feel down at some points of time in our lives, but there are also many of us that struggle with this common, yet major depressive disorder on a day to day basis, myself included.  I have tried to keep my circle small in the last few years, in order to keep only the most positive influences in my life around me.  We cannot expect everyone to be understanding of what we are going through though.  There are many people including friends and family who do not understand the seriousness of this condition.  They choose to not care, nor will they have the best interests for you.  I have learned that when these people refuse to acknowledge how you need to live your life for the better of your own health and in order to have less stress in it, it’s best that you distance yourself from them whenever possible in order to protect your own sanity.

For those who are clueless in how to interact with someone who is battling depression – here are three ways that I personally don’t like people interacting with me.  I believe others dealing with the same situations may feel the same way about my list.  Here they are below: View Post


Kehinde Wiley.


I have always loved visiting art museums. Despite that, I have not yet developed an eye or preference for any particular style of art, nor will I ever claim to have an expert knowledge of paintings.  When I see something that stands out to me, draws me to it, and tells a story – I usually tend to like it. This is true for paintings, sculptures, illustrations, and photography.   I don’t like boring art, I rather enjoy art that shows emotions and vulnerability.  Still life has never captured my eye that much – but people and showing how they live and expressing what they may be going through or thinking at the time, has.

If I had to pick my most and least favorites, then it would begin like this: View Post