I have to face it, everything about 2017 was more than a challenge.  I don’t want to say that it was the worst year yet – because it wasn’t, but it was probably a close second, possibly third.  Usually, I am able to figure out what lessons I have to learn in any misfortune that comes to me.  But, to be honest, 2017 was very unsettling and upsetting for me, emotionally and physically.  As I took a look back these last few days trying to figure out everything, I questioned myself – How have I changed??  I already know that everything in my life will never be perfect, and that there will be struggles in every season, but what did I do to bring about such negativity and selfish people into my life??  Also, why was I unable to let that emotional baggage all go?  Why can’t certain soul drainers not let me go?  I always thought that I was a strong person inside, and perhaps that’s how it may seem to the outside world looking in – but in my heart I’ve just been fragile as an old egg shell, waiting on a person to step on me hard enough that I would actually break for good. View Post