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Woop Woop!!

We are now just weeks away from the release of Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, and the last trailer has finally dropped for us all to see.  I can barely contain all the excitement that I have for this film to finally be here.  These last clips being teased to us definitely stir up anticipation for many comic fans like myself, as there will be dozens of superheroes meeting up together on the big screen for the first time. View Post



I wasn’t even going to address this silly situation, but all day yesterday I kept seeing this topic pop up on my timeline on both Twitter, and on Facebook, and it was starting to irk me, for lack of better terms.

As many fans of Marvel (like myself) and beaucoup of African Americans in general are gearing up for the release of the Black Panther, some people are losing their ever loving minds on social media over the fake news of a boycott of the film due to one of it’s stars, Michael B. Jordan, allegedly dating a latina woman.

After the Killmonger actor was spotted with a woman who may be his girlfriend, a rumor started that many angry black women were so upset at this, that “they” refused to see the film at all.  Pshhhhhh….. Whoever “they” are,  they certainly don’t speak for me.  Of course, many people have searched to find a source to this so called boycott, but nothing was ever found… except, for this post from a profile on Instagram which seems a little suspect if you ask me: View Post