For many people, the idea of being “blessed” is somehow automatically thought to be physical rewards in our lives.  Whether it be a brand new car, a rewarding career, living in a beautiful home, having access to more money than you can count – when some people come across situations like these,  they may think that the person in question is by all means “blessed.” No one is wrong to think or to believe that such successes are indeed blessings from God.   What is not right is when individuals who are having a hard time in life, when nothing seems to be going the way that they want, or when they start to compare their lives to non-believers that are more successful than they are start to feel, think or believe that they have not been blessed at all.   Despite what you may be going through, you are still blessed!  But, in what other ways are we all blessed, other than the ways people deem obvious? View Post