What kind of friend do you see yourself as?  Loyal, helpful?  Dependable, generous?  Perhaps you are all of these attributes and more.  Many of us, like myself, go above and beyond when it comes to those that we care about and are friends with.  Because of the fact that we are so reliable, we are usually the first ones that our friends run to first, when something is going wrong.  They see us as that first line of defense when it comes to getting the help that they need.

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Acute Bronchitis SUCKS.

It all started when I came down with Influenza A two weeks ago.  My daughter had caught it too, along with Strep a few days before I started getting any symptoms.  She was given antibiotics at the time of her diagnosis, and I was not.  The reason?  My throat did not look red or infected.  So, I was not tested for anything but the flu, given a script for Tamiflu and sent on my way.

Fast forward a week later, I was not getting much better.  Sure the fever was now in control, but I still had a terrible, itchy cough that did not allow me to speak much without having to hack my lungs out.  My tummy was still out of wack.  Then, after I made the unwise decision to go outside to get some ” fresh air”, I started to have acute chest pain that wasn’t going away.  The sharp burning sensation radiated from the bottom of my ribcage to the top of my shoulder and across my collarbone – all focusing on the left side of my chest.  The pain became almost overwhelming when I tried to lay down on my back.  Was I having a heart attack or what? View Post


Photo credit:  Joel Auerbach/AP

Authorities in Parkland Florida have a 19 year old man in custody for the disturbing mass shooting that happened February 14, 2018 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.  17 people died after police say student Nikolas Cruz returned to the school that he was expelled from earlier for making threats, targeting many innocent students and staff with his AR-15 rifle.  The attack lasted roughly ten minutes but shattered many people’s hearts for a lifetime.

The drama started shortly before 3 p.m., when after activating a fire alarm, Cruz started shooting at staff and students who were attempting to leave the building.  He shortly after followed students who were attempting to take shelter back inside of the school building all the while continuing to target numerous people, and then ultimately trying to blend in with other frightened students.  He was apprehended later that same day in Coral Springs, Florida according to the the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

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I wasn’t even going to address this silly situation, but all day yesterday I kept seeing this topic pop up on my timeline on both Twitter, and on Facebook, and it was starting to irk me, for lack of better terms.

As many fans of Marvel (like myself) and beaucoup of African Americans in general are gearing up for the release of the Black Panther, some people are losing their ever loving minds on social media over the fake news of a boycott of the film due to one of it’s stars, Michael B. Jordan, allegedly dating a latina woman.

After the Killmonger actor was spotted with a woman who may be his girlfriend, a rumor started that many angry black women were so upset at this, that “they” refused to see the film at all.  Pshhhhhh….. Whoever “they” are,  they certainly don’t speak for me.  Of course, many people have searched to find a source to this so called boycott, but nothing was ever found… except, for this post from a profile on Instagram which seems a little suspect if you ask me: View Post