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Who would have thought, I am officially a GOT fan.   I have to admit, It took me a while to want to watch this addicting series… and even longer to catch up  on on the episodes in order to watch episode 3 of season 7 (which was aired on HBO this past Sunday, July 30th, 2017) but I am finally here and can honestly say that in this point of the story, things have definitely gone full-blown, bat poop crazy in Westeros.  Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen finally meet, while Olenna’s sassy self had literally the last word when it comes to Cersei. View Post




Don’t you hate deleting old photos?   I take so many photos both on my phone and on my camera that it’s hard to keep up and I still haven’t figured out the best way for me to store them all.  Recently I have been making it a small hobby to do something different and carry my camera wherever I go.  When I get the chance, I try to grab take a few shots here and there.  I was going through my Canon Powershot SX530 (BTW this is a pretty awesome camera!) and realized I have tons and tons of awesome pics that deserve to be shared!  I live in a beautiful city (which is more of biased opinion than anything else) and despite our many shortfalls, Toledo still has a lot of potential to become an even better place to live.  That said, I can’t see myself living here forever, but home is where the heart is, right??

Anyway, I wanted to share just a few of my favorite personal pictures that I was able to capture with you of my hometown before I retired the current SD card for a new one.  Check them out below. View Post

These are my own personal photos and if you feel the urge to duplicate them or share them in any way, please read my policy on that HERE- under copyright policy :)

What’s better than a slice of sweet potato pie?

Sweet potato pie……….. in a cup!! LOL

Sweet potato pie is my all time favorite dessert, right before tiramisu.  But, I’ve gained some weight thanks to my sweet tooth and now I’m trying to watch how much that I eat.  Smaller portions is what I’m working on.  So I said to myself, hey, I wonder has anyone ever tried to make sweet potato pie cupcakes?

I went online and found tons of recipes for cupcakes with sweet potato in them… and pumpkin pie cupcakes…. but not actual sweet potato PIE cupcakes with an actual crust!  So this here is my own personal rendition… If you’ve seen something similar to this around elsewhere, let me know, and keep reading for the details 🙂

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A little over three years ago I was suddenly approached with some frightening news about someone who had at one time been a part of my life.  And by frightening, I mean down right SCARY.  This revelation embedded a whirlwind of shock, fear, paranoia and uncertainty in me for many months ahead.  At the same time, I was really struggling internally with an relationship that I was in. Then on top of that, I was pregnant with a child who was to be born with a major heart defect and need surgery soon after birth. With this mountain of stress around me, it was often hard for me to function as a normal person, but that at the same time these troubles would eventually bring out a persistent sense of faith, patience, and gratefulness that all truth would come out and work out for my greater good, and it did.  If you had bumped into me around this time, it would have been easy to sense a confused, and very emotionally vulnerable young woman.  Too often naive, I realized at that time that putting my trust in anyone but God was the wrong thing to do.

I remember clearly when I felt the most lost and depressed.  I was understandably shaken, scared and my faith was wavering.  I kept questioning God on why he wasn’t answering my prayers, how come I always felt so alone, and what could I have ever done to anyone for everything wrong that was happening in my life at that time.  I continually cried my heart out in despair, pitying my self every single night not even realizing that God knows me inside and out, had never stopped loving me or working to protect me. View Post