What kind of friend do you see yourself as?  Loyal, helpful?  Dependable, generous?  Perhaps you are all of these attributes and more.  Many of us, like myself, go above and beyond when it comes to those that we care about and are friends with.  Because of the fact that we are so reliable, we are usually the first ones that our friends run to first, when something is going wrong.  They see us as that first line of defense when it comes to getting the help that they need.

It might not be easy to admit, we also have those friends that don’t do the same for us. View Post


It’s funny how fast this year is passing us by.

I mean, it’s Monday night,December 11, 2017… and it feels as though just yesterday was October or even September.  At least for me.

As I washed my face this morning, I started to reflect on life.  I looked into the mirror and noticed how much I’ve changed.  Physically, emotionally, spiritually.

I have to be honest, some of the things I saw, I did not like.  The stress that I have been through, it shows on my face.  Bruising, bumps, extra weight and various lines course through my cheeks, lips and under my eyes, revealing everything negative that I have held in, and that I have carried with me for years.

Yet people say I look so youthful, happy and free.

Boy, I sure don’t feel that way.

Yet, there was something else I saw while staring at myself in the bathroom mirror.  It presented to me a positivity that totally changed my outlook for the rest of the morning.  Most of it was hope.

Hope for a better day, hope for a better life, hope for a better tomorrow.

I then recognized faith, which helped me get up this morning, reminding me not to give up.  I also saw love, the love of life, and of my family and friends looking back at me with my deep brown eyes.  I could now see how much that I am so loved, and how I am so blessed.

And with those reflections in front of me, I had to smile.  This year sure has gone by fast, but that only means my best moments are at a closer reach than it was before.