Kehinde Wiley.


I have always loved visiting art museums. Despite that, I have not yet developed an eye or preference for any particular style of art, nor will I ever claim to have an expert knowledge of paintings.  When I see something that stands out to me, draws me to it, and tells a story – I usually tend to like it. This is true for paintings, sculptures, illustrations, and photography.   I don’t like boring art, I rather enjoy art that shows emotions and vulnerability.  Still life has never captured my eye that much – but people and showing how they live and expressing what they may be going through or thinking at the time, has.

If I had to pick my most and least favorites, then it would begin like this: View Post


Today is Thursday and I thought I would reminisce with you some of what I fondly remember growing up as a child. Ah, so many memories, and thankfully the good out way the bad 🙂  Time flies doesn’t it?  What are some things that you remember while growing up?  See what I came up with from the top of my head, below. View Post


We’ve all seen them before… Whether it be on the corner of a busy intersection, at the entrance or the exit of a shopping plaza, standing out among-st tourist locations, or mingling side by side with a cramped crowd of travelers at subway and bus stations at all over – panhandlers are just about everywhere!  What I’m curious to know is, what do you do when you see someone asking for money?  When you can’t avoid passing someone who says they are just asking for just a little bit of monetary help?

Some people just simply ignore the beggars, as some would call them, altogether.  They look straight ahead and will try not to even glance at the person while passing by.  Others will empty their car tray of coins and simply pass on whatever loose change that they can find.  And then there are some curious fellows that may just stop and take the time to talk to some of these people – curious to why that person is in the situation that they are in, before deciding to hand out any money at all. View Post



So blessed for seeing yet another Friday, I hope all of you have had a great week!  New Job!!  I had the opportunity to work on a co-workers desk for the last couple of days while they are enjoying vacation with this beautiful August weather.  At first, I asked myself what in the world have I gotten into, but I don’t think its as bad as I thought the job would be. .. I’m just a bit out of my comfort zone. Challenge is a good thing – right folks??

For my weekend ahead, I’m not sure what I will do.  Maybe hit the fruit market, perhaps stop at the mall, definitely will have a good time at church.  I love going to the park for a walk so that’s on my to-do list.  What about you??

Check out some links I found throughout this week from the world wide web and drop me a line in the comments on what you love to do on your weekend too…. or about any topic, actually!! 😉

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