Today is Sunday and usually I will eat out with my family after church services.  Today was different though because we went downtown for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure where more than 12,000 people came to support loved ones that either are fighting breast cancer, currently survivors, or lost their battle with it.  After we all got back home and I asked my daughter what she wanted to eat for dinner later tonight, she quickly said Red Lobster. Well, today would be one of those days none of us would not be able to go out to eat, so we settled on trying to fix something similar at home.  Here is the delicious result! View Post


While grabbing a few things from the grocery store earlier today, I ran across some fingerling potatoes on clearance for just 99 cents at a local Kroger.  Now, these potatoes I have never tried before, but when I see a deal – especially on food – I usually go for it.  When I got home I immediately went online for a way to prepare them.

After searching through Google, Foodnetwork and Pinterest, nothing caught my eye other than a unique way that you can slice them.  Many recipes called for just cutting them in half length wise, but there was also another way to slice them so that they would look something similar to corkscrew fries.  It just looked pretty to me, so I made note of it. View Post



Everything tastes better with bacon, right???

I think so!  And hot-dogs are no exception.  Lets face it, on these hot and humid summer days, when you really don’t want to hang around over a hot stove cooking, hot dogs are an quick, easy, and mess free go to lunch for the kids, or even just yourself!  Adding bacon to the mix just makes everything better.

There are so many choices when preparing this tasty lunch though, and most of them depend on your own preferences.  What flavor of bacon, what type of hot-dog, and even what kind of bun can influence your taste buds differently.  So, go with what you like the most and make it work!  Meanwhile, I will offer up what I used in the recipe below. View Post


What’s better than a slice of sweet potato pie?

Sweet potato pie……….. in a cup!! LOL

Sweet potato pie is my all time favorite dessert, right before tiramisu.  But, I’ve gained some weight thanks to my sweet tooth and now I’m trying to watch how much that I eat.  Smaller portions is what I’m working on.  So I said to myself, hey, I wonder has anyone ever tried to make sweet potato pie cupcakes?

I went online and found tons of recipes for cupcakes with sweet potato in them… and pumpkin pie cupcakes…. but not actual sweet potato PIE cupcakes with an actual crust!  So this here is my own personal rendition… If you’ve seen something similar to this around elsewhere, let me know, and keep reading for the details 🙂

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