Welcome to my blog…

A self-love affirming, adventure-lusting, DIY loving blog all bundled up in one!

On my blog it is truly my desire to help others, to make a few new friends, discuss issues affecting us today, perhaps swap some recipes and try something new, and share with you my own thoughts, fears, what I’ve learned through mistakes, and the ah ha moments that I’ve realized in my life through a balance of healthy conversation and also God’s Word.

Let’s learn from each other and our own personal experiences, shall we???

I welcome guest posts so if you are interested please let me know, and you will find that my “staff” aka family will also write their own opinions from time to time on this website.

P.S.  We all don’t have to agree on things, and I really don’t expect that to happen.. but let’s stay civil to one another when leaving comments on the website.

With that said,

Ill see you all in the comment section~

Ciao xoxo

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