Red, White, and Barbeque – Your Guide to a Quick Cookout

Are you one of those who just loves the summertime because of all the opportunities for hosting a get together like a fun BBQ?  Or, perhaps you have a big family and just enjoy spending time with them all while cooking on the grill?  Preparing a barbecue can often be an long, drawn out affair but some times we don’t have a lot of time to sit and plan out a huge menu…  Sometimes this needs to be planned at the last minute.  This blog post is meant to show you how you can pull off a quick and easy cookout within a day’s notice.

Planning is definitely key, and the more you are prepared, the better off you will be. So, try to keep your menu easy and simple when you need your food done fairly quick before company arrives.  Here is a convenient go-to of some fast grilled meals that will be a good start for keeping the kids happy, or kicking back with your buddies before a game on TV starts.

The Menu

Tropical Citrus Paradise Spritzer

If your looking for something fruity yet fit for a party, try Ocean Spray’s Mocktails with a little added seltzer (check out our review of the non-alcoholic drinks, HERE).  Also lay out some Swiss and mild cheddar cheese that can be quickly paired with Ritz Crackers for snacking, along with plenty of fresh fruit.


fresh off the grill


Brats and Hamburgers are some of the first things that come to mind when thinking of grilling, and these recipes below pack a punch full of flavor!  Make sure that you add some fresh romaine lettuce, sliced tomatoes and the ever so popular condiments of ranch dressing, ketchup, mustard and mayo for easy access for all of your guests.  For those who would want to try something a bit heavier, try out these pork ribs.  Please note though, that it will take a relatively much longer time to prepare the ribs for the best results, so you may want to think about starting the night before if that is the case – season and sit for 9 hours!

-Check out these recipes for Brats and Beer & Juicy Steakhouse burgers-


Pasta Salad with all the fixings

For some sides, we easily recommend the recipe for the “Perfect Pasta Salad”, which in our opinion is the absolute bomb – that means really really good!  You could also go greener with a fresh cranberry spinach salad to boot.  Dessert could include Kroger brand Strawberry Crunch Cake, which always hits the spot – yes, I’m recommending a store bought cake… but it’s worth it!

Here’s the Plan:

Wait until you are ready to serve your food before making the Tropical Citrus Paradise Spritzer.

Before all of your peeps show up:

Day before:  Season your ribs if that is what you are going to make.

Day of: Make your fruit and cheese tray and refrigerate; wash and cut your veggie toppings. Make the pasta and spinach salads; refrigerate.  Chill all of your drinks and any additional beverages like pops, or beer in an iced cooler.

Just before serving: Grill the brats and burgers. Pull your cake out of the refrigerator.

Decorate your table with a bright or colorful theme.  To make it an easier clean up afterward,  awesome ultra paper plates from Dixie are cute, very durable, and are decorative enough to do the job. They also have bowls and cups that match!!  Also, Viva Paper towels are our favorite!  They have a more towel-like texture that we really love which makes clean up a breeze no matter if your wiping your hands or wiping a table.

To be honest, a successful barbecue starts from your first preparations to your last guest leaving with their plate of food. We would love to know what you do to make sure yours goes off without a hitch!  Leave us a message in the comments below and thanks for reading as always.


** disclaimer, please note that we were given free items in return for an honest review – which includes the viva paper towels, Kraft ranch dressing, and Ritz crackers.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are our own and are not influenced by any of the companies named or by their affiliates in any way.** 


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