Dear God Almighty… [a prayer regarding stress]

Dear God Almighty,

I come to you today, asking for your help.  I need your heavenly assistance dealing with major stress and frustration.  I am stressed out because my life is not where I think it should be.   I am disheartened because I let others manipulate my thoughts and feelings.  I am discouraged because I am dealing with illness after illness.  And, I’m frustrated because I feel like I am not good enough.  I know I am capable of great things and that you have a grand purpose for my life, but I have no idea what my calling even is.  I am tired of feeling alone.  I am tired of looking down on myself.  I’ve been unable to shake ungodly soul-ties no matter how hard I’ve tried.  I’m tired of begging for true peace in my life but not seeing any.  I imagine the life that I want to live but it feels so out of reach.

Lord, please help me.  I cry out to you every night that I lay my head and every morning that I’m blessed to wake up.  You know my heart and you know what hurts me!  My stress is so debilitating that I constantly lose faith.  This frustration that I have feels like it is hindering my entire existence, but I have to remember that you won’t put more on me that I cannot bear!  Today I will submit all of my concerns to you!  I thank you constantly for your provision and your protection!  I know that you have a great plan for my life and you are always working in it, and so I will claim victory today over what depresses me!  Lord you said you would never leave me nor forsake me, and I truly believe that.  I just want to do your will.

I claim peace in my life in the mighty name of Jesus, who died for my sins and rose with all power!



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