FAKE NEWS – Black Women ARE NOT Boycotting Black Panther


I wasn’t even going to address this silly situation, but all day yesterday I kept seeing this topic pop up on my timeline on both Twitter, and on Facebook, and it was starting to irk me, for lack of better terms.

As many fans of Marvel (like myself) and beaucoup of African Americans in general are gearing up for the release of the Black Panther, some people are losing their ever loving minds on social media over the fake news of a boycott of the film due to one of it’s stars, Michael B. Jordan, allegedly dating a latina woman.

After the Killmonger actor was spotted with a woman who may be his girlfriend, a rumor started that many angry black women were so upset at this, that “they” refused to see the film at all.  Pshhhhhh….. Whoever “they” are,  they certainly don’t speak for me.  Of course, many people have searched to find a source to this so called boycott, but nothing was ever found… except, for this post from a profile on Instagram which seems a little suspect if you ask me:



Of course, many folks fell for the okie doke but not me.  I don’t have a care in the world about who Michael B. Jordan is dating, he isn’t paying any of my bills and I doubt it seriously if he starts to in the future.  As a Marvel fan, all I want is to finally watch Black Panther, a movie that I have been anticipating since the characters debut in Captain America Civil War.  I will not allow whatever Mr. Jordan’s decides about who he chooses to spend his time with privately, to ruin an entire film for me.  What business is it to me, or to anyone else??  Who is it hurting???  To be honest, I don’t have anything against this young man, but I wasn’t going to see the film because of him anyway.

The first thing that I thought about this so called boycott was that a poor lonely soul started it to sabotage the turnout of a film that is obviously history in the making, is going to be a money maker for both Marvel and Disney Studios, and do very well in the box office.  Who can honestly say that they are going to boycott this movie because of who this actor chooses to date?  If you are, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS.  I WOULD LOVE TO FIND ONE REAL PERSON WHO SAYS THAT THEY ARE.

Maybe I am wrong about this, but all I do know is that every black woman that I have seen commenting on this issue via social media are saying that they actually don’t care at all about who he dates.  So, where is the boycott?  Don’t be easily so persuaded folks, this is fake news from a probably a fake account that started this frivolous gossip.  Just remember, it wasn’t too long ago when Birth of a Nation was being released and Nate Parker was dragged on these here intranets as his film was about to debut.  What happened next was the films box-office numbers were severely affected as a result.  Someone is trying the pull the same scenario all over again.  Being that this movie is the first of it’s kind with an mostly all black leading role cast (I say mostly because of Andy Serkis and Martin Freeman being included) , it is very important not to allow this movie to flop (although I do believe that flopping is nearly impossible to do).  And, I’m not the only person who is thinking the same way:


This last one was hilarious to me…

So what do you think of all this mess?  Do you even care?  I doubt it!  Sound off in the comments about what you think of this fiasco, and share this post by twitter, facebook and elsewhere!  Thank you guys…Peace…xoxo


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