Omarosa’s Employment At The White House Comes To An End, And I Am Here For It


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In times like these, we all must find a way to laugh through the pain.  Sometimes we find that joy in the most unlikely places.  Because, I just have to admit, I have prayed more and more for Christ’s return than ever before, since Donald Trump took up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC.

In the last 24 hours, there seems to have been a very interesting turn of events at the White House.  News recently broke in regards to former reality-star Omarosa Manigault Newman, the very woman who said every critic and detractor would have to eventually “bow down to President Trump,” would be resigning from her position as director of communications for the Public Liaison Office for President officially on January 20th, 2018. A lot of people – from media personalities, politicians, and every day americans have been giving their opinion about the matter, making memes and cracking jokes ever since the news came out.

Omarosa’s colleagues, in my opinion, have not been so kind to her in regards to hearing of her departure.  Matter of fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are probably arranging plans for her “going-away” party as we speak.  It was stated by a former white house official that “People have long been unsure what she did at the White House,” and added that “Many of her colleagues are elated by today’s news.”   Whew, talk about leaving on bad terms, it kinda sucks when your co-workers are more than happy to hear you are leaving!

To make an even more interesting (and embarrassing) note, Omarosa resigning “to pursue other opportunities” is only the white house official statement.  There is also a rapidly spreading rumor that she actually didn’t give any kind of notice because she was actually fired instead by chief of staff John Kelly. Numerous reports, most notably from White House bureau chief for American Urban Radio Networks and CNN commentator April Ryan’s twitter page, state that ordained minister Omarosa let her tongue fly off with various colorful obscenities after being told that her services were no longer needed.

Then reports say she also demanded to speak to the president, trying to walk over to Trump’s private residence but was stopped.


And, according to the Wall Street Journal, a white house official stated that she had to be “physically dragged out.”  The secret service has denied that happened in their own tweet.  But ya’ll, lets read what they said CAREFULLY.  The secret service’s couple of tweets also kinda confirm that she still went through a “termination” process and that her security pass was deactivated before the January 20th, 2018 date that the white house gave as her actual resignation date.

With this said, many of her critics have been joyously spreading the news and I have been living for it!  A lot of people feel like it’s karma coming full circle because she’s had such of an bad attitude, consistently mean and aggressive to those she was supposed to be serving in her government position, while many others never really cared for her in the first place, as she is one of a handful of african americans currently in the public eye that are vouching for and speaking up for the current US president despite his many controversial comments about minorities & grabbing vajayjays, all of the mounting sexual harassment and russian connection claims, as well as his many ideals and policies that plenty of people have an issue with.

Angela Rye couldn’t help but be petty and literary laugh at her:




Robin Roberts told her “Bye Felicia”:



And then there are the MEMES!! I mean, just take a look at few of the funniest I saw myself:

And even her ex-husband got in on the jokes:

Moral of this story is: Don’t fall for the okey doke, losing your integrity just for a job. Sometime’s money isn’t everything. I believe Omarosa got played just because someone thought she “might” be able to pull in some “black” votes for Donald Trump. And if not black votes, then more African american support, at the least. When she didn’t deliver on that, it was decided that she had to go. Because to be honest, what else was she there to do?

With that said, I’m calling that Omarosa just may be coming out with a lot to say about the current administration in the upcoming weeks…  Or, maybe not?

So, I’ve got to ask… what do you think of Omarosa and her job at the white house ending? Sound off in the comments below,  and don’t forget to like & share away!!


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