Seven Ways To Show Someone That You Love Them


It feels kind of cliche for me to have to write a post on how to show someone that you love them or care, but I think it’s still very much needed.  Throughout life’s trials and errors, I have learned that not many people know how to let others know that they are appreciated in their life, and that they care.  It’s either these people don’t understand how to make their feelings known without feeling embarrassed about it, or they really didn’t give a damn about your feelings in the first place and were instead using you for some purpose important to them.  With that said – and based solely on my own personal experience, here are seven ways you can express your love to others.

Tell Them That You Love Them

Love is just a word, but at the same time – it really isn’t.  You have to be careful who you choose to tell I love you to, and also when to do it.  Word of advice is, whenever you say it, make sure you mean it.  Also, don’t be afraid to say it IF you mean it.  You would kick yourself if you choose not to say it and something awful, God-forbid, ends up happening to that person and you never get the chance to tell them again.

Keep Your Promises

Everyone breaks a promise here or there, no one is perfect, but when you know that something is REALLY important to someone and you choose to make a promise to be there for that person – don’t break that promise.  When you know that you can’t keep a promise, don’t pretend that you can.  Be honest and open whenever possible about what you can and cannot do for them or with them.

Show Them That They Matter

One of the ways to really put an impression on someone is to do something without being asked.  Surprise someone with a phone call or a text.  Stop by with lunch or just to say hello. Spend time with them and ask them about how they are doing.  Try not to make every conversation and interaction about you and what you want, or are into. This shows that you care about what is going on in their lives just as much as what’s going on in yours.

Ask If There Is Anything You Can Do To Help

Many people need help, but are too proud, shy, or embarrassed to let that be known.   Instead of waiting for someone to ask for help, why not ask if there’s anything you can do?  More importantly, Do not fix your mouth to ask if they need anything, if it’s not in your heart to want to help in the first place.



Get To Know Those Closest To Them

Get to know the people your loved one is closest to. There may very well be situations where not all parties will get along, but when that case arises try to find some common ground that you can share.  Likewise, they should be invited to meet and get to know those that are closest to you as well.

Notice When Something’s Wrong

When you notice that something is wrong or when they are acting differently than normal, don’t ignore it. Lending an ear and shoulder to cry on is another way to show that you care.  Also when you do care, this just comes naturally.

Remember Dates of Importance

There are plenty of phone apps and calendars that can help to remind you of important days, so there’s no reason that you should forget their birthday or any other date important to them when their expecting acknowledgement for it.  Remember that anniversaries and birthdays aren’t the only times that you can celebrate together.  Why not drop a line letting them know they are important to you even today? Spending money on someone really doesn’t matter – it’s the thought behind what you do that counts the most.

How do you show someone that you love them, that they matter and you care?  Share your opinions below and again… thanks for stopping by!


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