This is Why Forgiveness Gives Us Freedom

Have you ever had a hard time getting over something hurtful that somebody has done to you?  Being able to forgive the people who may have hurt you is a huge step to healing spiritually and emotionally.  It is unavoidable during the course of our lives, to at some point, not get let down by others. Although these disappointments can cause us all a lot of distress and heartache – with faith, it could also help mold us into better people; the most positive result of this is, we could grow to be more compassionate, caring and Christ-like. We can also can learn beneficial life lessons about what really matters to us and others.

What I’m trying to explain is – you won’t be able to avoid disappointments – but what’s most important is how you ultimately decide to deal and react to them. All of your reactions will have consequences,  eventually determining whether you will be able to heal and move on, or allow negativity to fester and drag down your emotions for the long run.  Secondly, it is significant to realize that –

Everyone that we interact with will teach us a lesson
Just imagine all the people you have ever encountered at some point in your life. Was it easy to for you to realize that most of them left some kind of impression on you, good or bad?  Whether it had been a parent, sibling, a school teacher, a stranger on the street, didn’t most of them impress on you a lesson of what it is to be loving or hateful, to be empathetic or narcissistic?   It can be quite an eye opener when you look back and think about any particular person and how they may have touched your life; also it’s quite the possibility that you choose to not to speak to him or her again in this lifetime because of the effect that they had on your life.  Think of one person, any person at all, and ask yourself this question; what did this person teach me? Relationships come and go and encounters that we have with  people last a few hours or even last a lifetime. In one way or another, each experience will serve a unique purpose and will be extremely significant to your life.

Now that you can realize that every encounter that we have could possibly lead us into an important lesson, take a moment to think about the people who have hurt you. Have you ever forgiven them? Or are you the type to hold a grudge? Are you vengeful for those who have caused you pain, or worse still, have you acted out with violence, bitterness and hate because of what they did to you? Would you ever be able to let go of anger, or from anyone holding you back from happiness?  Who really holds the power if you cannot move on from whatever happened in the past – you or them?

Don’t allow people who have hurt you in the past to have authority over your happiness!
When you keep anger and bitterness in your heart, are you really happy?  If you make a choice to forgive and move on, you are NOT lying down showing others you can be easily used or abused, nor are you showing that person that you can easily forget what they did to you. Forgiveness is about your happiness and is about taking back control of your feelings, and not allowing any negative emotions to control you. When you forgive, you are able to let go of all those crippling emotions that could very well be responsible for hindering your happiness! Sit back and think about this:  If you are currently harboring feelings of resentment and animosity towards anyone, then what positives could you could you possibly be getting out of it?

When you allow feelings of bitterness, rage or hostility to adhere to your daily life, you will establish destructive emotions that WILL rub off to everyone you encounter and it will block you from enjoying positive and healthy relationships with others.

Negative energy and emotions can go away if you want it, or it can stay and grow and tie you down rendering your personal life immobile.  Unresolved emotional pain and stress can manifest bad attitudes, depression, insomnia, and more. Anger can literally MAKE YOU SICK.  This said, what will you do today?  Will you choose to be happy and try forgiveness? Don’t give your energy away to those who don’t deserve the time of day! Move on with your life, clear your emotions of that negativity, and you can experience a more positive life.


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