Canon Powershot SX530 Is Perfect For Photography Beginners Like Me

I actually haven’t owned a “decent” camera in probably ten or more years.  With that said, I finally have taken the time to write a review for my new favorite photography toy that was purchased with intentions to use specifically for my blog.  The Canon Powershot SX530 is very versatile, quickly taking the place of my cell phone when it comes to snapping all types of interesting shots.  Recently, I took it with me to various places in my hometown, in order to really figure out all of it’s manual controls and to get a good feel for it’s fast zoom lens.  Read on to find out how much fun I had with this easy to handle cam.

The Canon Powershot SX530 is a decent compact camera that includes built in wi-fi, a 3″ LCD screen, and a fairly large sensor able to capture images up to 4608 x 3456 pixels. This little camera packs a nice punch allowing you to take nice quality photos. Other digital cameras that may compare include the Sony RX100 IV and the Panasonic ZS100, which each have their own advantages.

The fast zoom lens and 1 2.3-inch sensor on the Canon Powershot SX530 HS

Key features of the SX530 include its dedicated movie button for easy access in taking videos, 50x optical/4x digital/200x total zoom with framing assist, a DIGIC 4+ image processor for low light photography, and a multi card slot that supports SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards, making it easy to save a ton of photos.


While holding the Canon Powershot SX530 in my hands, it feels very lightweight thanks to its compact size. that said, it is also bulky and is certainly not small enough to be pocketable, and with it weighing almost a pound (.95), that would probably mean trying to put it in a large jacket pocket would very eye-catching, while dropping it in a purse would also add to it’s weight noticeably.   So, it’s probably best carried around your neck with the included neck strap or in it’s own camera bag.  Despite it’s boxy body, it would be a great vacation companion and is very easy to handle.

This camera is great for a beginners in photography like myself and is a great tool to learn from.  All of the various buttons and dials made the camera very easy to take control of. There is also an app that you can download for your cellphone that can work with the camera by downloading photos from one device to another, and remotely live view shooting.  This was fairly easy for me to figure out despite some of the more constructive reviews that I ran across on the phone app’s download page.


The rear of the Canon Powershot SX530



For me, a lady who is quite used to taking all of my photos from a cell phone, it was very easy for me.


A low light shot of the moon from my Canon Powershot SX530



This camera is very versatile for beginners, offers an awesome image quality, and has the modern features that most people want in regards to using wifi and easily connecting their camera with their cell phones and computers.  Another plus in my opinion is the battery life, which was still had 1/2 of it’s power left after 150 photos and one 10 minute video.

Feel free to check out a few more photos of my time with the SX530 in the photo gallery below.

The $400 Canon SX530 offers a fun and easy to learn user experience which I honestly recommend.  As a mother who just wanted better images of her kids, and to also be able to have better quality photos for my blog, this is a capable camera which could easily do the job, and more.


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