Skydiving: My Leap Of Faith

I am still super amazed at myself that I succeeded in marking something challenging off of my personal bucket-list – in this case, SKYDIVING, and I want to share with all of you my first experience.

I say FIRST because I DO plan on doing this again.. And again.. And again!

Now, I’m not much of a risk taker by any means. But I am spontaneous. And I do like to push the limit from time to time.. And I always love a thrill that makes me scream from the top of my lungs (Cedar Point is my home away from home specifically for that purpose).

So when it came time for me to start my bucket list, this was the first thing I wanted to do. Spur of the moment, I just booked that seat. It would be the first time I got on a plane but would not land in one. Amazing.

I wondered for a second, what does God think of such ideas? I shuttered at the thought… But Im so glad He blessed me with being able to experience something like that. It was absolutely the most amazing, breathtaking, peaceful and thrilling experience Ive had thus far.

Yeah, lots of people told me I was “crazy.” Lots of people thought to themselves I was “crazy”… And lots of people could not understand why I would want to basically do something so “crazy.”

I don’t know what it was, but there in the moment, i never felt scared. I never had second thoughts. I never wavered. To put trust in a man I never met before that day, strap myself on to him, jump from 13,000 feet and believe he will be able to save us both is a big, big deal. I guess I honestly just had faith that God was protecting us both and we would be OK. That’s the main reason I didn’t pee in my jumpsuit, cry, shake uncontrollably or change my mind about it all in the last minute. Everyone who knows me, knows I’m a timid young lady. But, I knew my life was in God’s hands at that point. And I was A-OKAY with that.

Just check out the man who went before me sticking his tongue out. So it’s gotta be like that!?!? After him I was the first tandem pair jumping out. There was a full plane of us and also an 85 year old celebrating her birthday with my group.

For those wondering how the process goes, or at least how it went for me – here’s the gist of it:

1: I booked my seat online. Fairly cut and dry. In doing so, i had to watch a video waiver, basically explaining the dangers of skydiving and all the ways you can die. If anything is going to scare you into changing your mind, then reading the waiver and watching the video is going to be it. My heart was set though, and it didn’t faze me.

2. After i get there, i sign another waiver, and fill out a small form. I pay the balance on my booking and am sent over to the hangers.

3. I meet my extremely awesome instructor, who talks fast but slow at the same time (if that’s even possible lol). I get fitted into my jumpsuit, then its time to sit around and wait my turn. Which didn’t take long since i had a morning appointment.

4. Now’s the time. Its either yay or nay now. I got onto the plane, and in my case the last tandem walking on the plane is the first one to jump out. So now i really feel special!

5. We jump! And I don’t hold my breath or forget what the instructor repeated me to do 500xs.

One thing i didn’t expect was the cool air of the clouds to take my breath away. It was hard to catch but i did it and by time the parachute was opened i was loving it.


Hope you enjoyed my photos. Would you ever dare skydive? I’d love to know!

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