This Is Not Goodbye

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Who knew this day would come so fast?

I know it was hard making this decision for me, but I trust my family.


I was a mammary cancer survivor for 3 good years,

Lilmama was ready too! Lol #pitbull #raceforthecure #toledo #thisdogisactuallyabreastcancersurvivortoo

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But now that it’s back, this is one fight my body doesn’t have the strength to win.


I had a whole lot of fun, 

And we made a whole lot of memories.

I’ll miss our walks in the park.



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I’ll miss looking for the groundhogs.

My dog begging to be let out so that she can get at a groundhog lol #pitbulls #beggingdog #doggyvideo

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I’ll miss begging for all the human food and snacks.

And soaking up the sun.


I’ll miss laying on my favorite people all the time.

but most of all…

I’ll miss my family who I love.  

And, I know they love me too!



You’ve watched over me for all of my life,  11 awesome years.


So trust me, this is not goodbye…

I promise I’ll always watch over you too.


Love Always, Little Mama



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