Who Is Your Favorite Artist?

Kehinde Wiley.


I have always loved visiting art museums. Despite that, I have not yet developed an eye or preference for any particular style of art, nor will I ever claim to have an expert knowledge of paintings.  When I see something that stands out to me, draws me to it, and tells a story – I usually tend to like it. This is true for paintings, sculptures, illustrations, and photography.   I don’t like boring art, I rather enjoy art that shows emotions and vulnerability.  Still life has never captured my eye that much – but people and showing how they live and expressing what they may be going through or thinking at the time, has.

If I had to pick my most and least favorites, then it would begin like this:

I don’t care at all for Thomas Kincade.  His paintings could put me to sleep unless it was made into a 1000 piece puzzle.  I don’t enjoy looking at cubism art like certain Picasso paintings or the pop art of Andy Warhol.

I never really appreciated a Van Gogh painting until I saw one in person.  Books and pictures don’t do a real painting justice when your standing right in front of it.  To Google Vincent Van Gogh is blah…. while to stand in front of one of his paintings is like WOW.

Kehinde Wiley.


Kehinde Wiley.


Kehinde Wiley.

Kehinde Wiley is one of my new favorites.  I was first introduced to his art work when he had his “A New Republic” exhibit at the Toledo Museum of Art earlier this year.  I love the inclusion of people of color from all over the world, with so many different backgrounds.  It’s not easy to find that in the average art museum, but he makes their inclusiveness creative and striking.  Although I’ve read someone else compare his work to “the propaganda of North Korea” (in painting style) I respectfully disagree to that opinion.  I personally think that his work is amazing.

My other favorites include Gustave Courbet, Am-rita Shergill, Frida Kahlo, and Rembrandt.

What are your favorite artists?  Share what you love in the comments below… thanks again for reading!!




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