It’s a YES for Yoplait’s OUI french style Yogurt [review]

I’ve got to admit, I have never been a yogurt fan.

When I have bought yogurt, it has always been the sweet stuff with tons of added sugar… Also, I always have to top it with fruit and tons of granola.  Not too healthy but filling nonetheless.  Then the Greek” variety soon became popular on store shelves and came out from various different companies like Chobani and Activia but I would never get used to the texture.  I’ve also tried the fairly new Yo-plait dippers but I was more than disappointed with that – it tasted more like spoiled milk and stale cookies more than anything else.

So imagine how enthused I was to find out that last Friday’s free download from Kroger’s was another new product from Yo-plait called “OUI.”  Ehhhh…. I really wasn’t, but I always try what’s offered to me when couponing at-least once, so I went for the flavor I thought was the most “safe” for my taste buds – strawberry.  It’s prepared french style which is different than how traditional plain yogurt that’s sold in grocery stores around the country is made.  French style consists of literally being made in the glass jar you’ve bought it in resulting in a thicker, smooth but firm consistency.

Would I like it?  Surprisingly YES, I love it!

It’s not like any other yogurt I’ve ever tasted.  Since then, I have purchased black cherry, lemon, and peach – all of which are SO SO GOOD.

Oui is better than Greek or traditional yogurt – in my opinion in regards to taste – a definite yes.  It’s creamy, not at all tart, the texture is quite smooth and light, and the added fruit gives it just enough sweetness without going overboard.

Is it more nutritious?  I don’t think so at all.  One serving of the Strawberry flavored yogurt has 160 calories, 60 from fat alone. It also has 7 grams of fat, and 15 grams of sugar – compare that to a Little Debbie blueberry muffin which has 16 grams of sugar and is just as good.  Eating this yogurt in moderation is probably ideal.

Is it worth the money?  Yuppers!!  Don’t get me wrong, this yogurt costs a little bit more in comparison to other brands on the shelves, but it still won’t break the bank. Also, save the cute little jar for something useful afterward!


A view of the bottom with all the fruit.


Check out all of the ingredients….. only SEVEN!!


I have a short message for Yoplait!:  Please don’t discontinue this yogurt!!  You have produced a winner!!  Since this product has hit the store shelves, I have never ate so much yogurt in my life! LOL… and please consider adding caps to the cute glass jars!

Have you tried out this new yogurt yet?  Let me know what you thought about it in the comment section below 🙂 Also, please like & share if you’ve enjoyed this post.  Thanks for reading!!

I was in no way paid or compensated to write this review.  Don't let my opinion influence you in any way.


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