Do You Trust Your Intuition?


Do you trust your intuition?

For a very long time, I had not.  There have been many situations both big and quite small – where something deep inside of me would say “Tenille, stop… something is not right” or “Tenille, they are lying” and I’ll go ahead and finish what I was doing or I chose to believe a person anyway.  I can feel the words deep inside of my heart and also in my mind, actually causing me to pause and have second and third thoughts about whatever situation that I am in at that moment. Years later, I would find out that my intuition was right for every single one of those times, looking after my well-being while my naivety did otherwise.

While renewing my relationship with Christ, I have come to believe that this has actually been the Holy Spirit leading me in the same way it leads me to stop and pray at any given moment. God has protected me and has spoken to me during many different circumstances, trying to ever so softly steer me out of harms way.

I have put my trust in many people throughout my life – most of whom have in turn took advantage of that and hurt me.  I learned the hard way that NO ONE is more worthy of your trust than God.  When you don’t feel right about something and just can’t shake that feeling inside of you, it may be wise to just trust your instincts no matter how large or small the circumstance is. Meanwhile, when you are confused or conflicted about a situation and what you need to do, pray.

By the way, this is totally different than fear.  Fear is not trusting in God and it freezes your faith.  It steals your rest from you, it robs you of your peace and at times can even take your sanity.  We are reminded in the book of Isaiah (43:1-2) not to fear. Matter of fact, God has not given us a spirit of fear at all (2 Timothy 1:7).  If we humbly seek God when we need him, he will deliver us from fear (Psalm 34:4).  Meanwhile, your intuition and the Holy Spirit is what takes over you at any defining moment.

We can’t always trust on our instincts alone, which is why we need to also focus on discerning right and wrong.   We need to spend as much time in God’s word and in worship as we can.  When we meditate on the word of God, a lot can and most often times will be revealed.  Allow yourself to be led by the Holy Spirit in every situation.




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