It’s All Perspective – Don’t Forget The Big Picture [God] When You’re Having A Bad Day

I want to share with you all a short story.  Trying to stay upbeat and positive – today was just not the day for me.  I was having a really stressful time at work.  I am currently learning a new desk and starting tomorrow, I will be on it by myself for the next few weeks.  By the middle of the day, I found myself extremely overwhelmed with the amount of work, the rate at which it was coming to me, and having to cram new information down last minute that I will need to know to do the job efficiently.  I complained to a couple of people, while another handful voiced a change in my demeanor.  With that, I quickly grabbed my purse and headed out the door, looking to clear my head completely during lunch.

During my break, I logged into Facebook.  The very first thing that I saw was a post from an old high-school classmate.  She spoke about how she was initially going to post a complaint, but instead would give God thanks.  What she shared immediately made me think of how I was feeling all that morning while on the clock, and what my mind should actually be focused on instead.  She said in part:

But when I got on here & turned on The News & seen the People of Texas that Spirit of Complaining left Me Immediately! I Wanna say this instead, “Give Thanks Inspite of!”, “Give Thanks in The Mist of!”, “Praise HIM in Advance!”, “Know that HE WILL Make a Way out of No Way!” & That Nothing is More Important than to WAKE UP WITH YOUR LIFE!!!!! Everything Else Can Be Recovered but Once a Life is Loss it Can NOT! Amen!

When I read that status, I couldn’t help to feel touched, and I’ll admit, even a bit emotional.

Who am I to complain about anything when I still have breath to make a positive difference in my day?  Why did I get myself so upset?  When I have been blessed once again with a job and the ability to make it in that door each day, to be given opportunities to learn new things even when I think it may be difficult,  to be trusted enough to be given such a big responsibility – who am I to whine about what doesn’t go right? And then on top of that, after all I have been though, how can I not be thankful of it all?

So many people in the world are living without – without a job, without a car, family or friends.  A lot of men, women and children are without even the bare necessities – food, clean water, shelter, and access medicine or medical care to survive.  People are struggling everywhere – whether it be with their finances, a loss of a loved one, or even their own mental, physical or spiritual health.  When we go through difficult circumstances that cause us to be stressed all the way out, we many times forget the big picture of what we still have and what we are all capable of.  We can all choose either to invite hope and faith in our hearts despite what happens in our lives, or we can choose to carry many burdens, worries, and destructive thoughts day after day, after day.

Some people might say to themselves “I have nothing to be happy about” but yes, you do!  When those negative and doubting thoughts come into your mind, stop and pray.  You can change the outlook of your day by focusing on what you can change and not with what you can’t control.  With hard work, a positive attitude and faith, things can get better! Times of struggle are the best times to talk to God.  Those are the best times to seek clarity and set new goals for your life.  Those are the best times to take a chance or to ask for help – when you have nothing to lose.  Asking God to intervene is better than not asking him to.  Take a minute to think of anything you can that you can be thankful for and give him praises for at least that.  What do you have that’s been taken for granted in the past?  Are you able to walk, talk, think independently?  Speak, share a talent, or help someone else in need?  Well then you are truly blessed!  Now that you know this, work on changing what you can about your troublesome situations, and give to God everything else that you cannot!

My point is, for every complaint that you have and just when you think you have it bad, someone else out in the world truly has it worse.  It doesn’t make how awful or helpless that you feel any less important, but if they can keep their head up, be courageous and be positive despite what they are going through – then what’s stopping you from doing the same?  Try not to stress yourself out over things that you have no control over.  Let God handle your problems and Focus on his goodness in your life even when it’s hard to see it.  Complaining and praising are both reflections of your heart. One will take your joy and one will give you joy.  Which would you rather have happen?

Trust me, my life is far from perfect but I think without me being reminded by the Word and looking to God’s promises of whats to come, I wouldn’t have even made it this far.  I’ve given him my troubles time and time again and he never disappoints.  Ever heard of the saying “Let go and let God?”


Be blessed!

Galatians 5:22–23 (KJV)

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,

23 Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.



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