Ocean Spray Mocktail Review

Gotta be honest, ya’ll.  I am currently 37 years old and I don’t drink alcohol.  I just never have.  I’ve never been into that type of thing. I’ve never liked the smell, or the idea of the taste.  Have you ever met those folks that know they don’t like something without even trying it first? That’s me… so yeah, I’ve never tried a real long island iced tea, any kind of cocktail, glass of red wine or even champagne, and I’ve never really wanted to no matter how pretty or bubbly that glass looked.  Eh.

Anytime I go out with friends, or with colleagues, or even family, I’m that girl who muffles to the bartender, “I’ll have a coke.”

It took my constant couponing to even try out this “mock-tail” of an alcoholic drink.  Earlier this year, Kroger had Ocean Spray’s Mock-tail for it’s free Friday download.  And it doesn’t matter what is for free on any given week, I get it all.  This would be no exception.

But would I like it?  The answer is surprisingly – yes!

I love trying out new things and each option on the store shelves are refreshingly delicious in my opinion. If you love fruit juices (Ocean spray is my favorite brand by the way),  then you will enjoy this. Since trying out my first bottle, I’ve had all three flavors – tropical citrus paradise, cranberry peach pellini, and and cranberry sangria, my absolute favorite.

It’s definitely an acquired taste, they are all sweet and fruity in my opinion, and if this is how most real alcoholic drinks taste, then I can see what I’ve been missing, lol.  And even though it I love all the flavors, it would never get me to actually try the real thing – but at the same time, now I can feel more of an adult and actually enjoy something to sip on without having to worry about feeling funny afterward.

Ocean Spray has recommendations on the back of the bottle, on different ways you could prepare your drink.  I enjoy it simple, with a little bit of ice and fruit.  Of course you can add some soda water or actual wine to jazz it up, but that’s totally up to you.

The best part, it’s made out of real fruit juice and has minimal calories -80 to 90 per serving depending on the flavor!  So there ya go, you should really try this out!

Let me know what you think about this product in the comment section 🙂

I was in no way paid or compensated to write this review.  Don't let my opinion influence you in any way.


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