How I Conquered Sleep Paralysis

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night from a deep sleep.  But instead of rolling over to get more comfortable, you cannot move at all.  You can’t open our eyes or even utter a word.  Your whole body is paralyzed in fear.  You can feel a presence with you.  Sometimes it just stands over you, or sits next to you in bed.  You can feel your bed sinking, or lifting up.  Your ankles are grabbed and your dragged further down to the foot of your bed, or your arms are pulled behind you.  Maybe you feel pressure on your chest, or scratches down your back.  It doesn’t end for what seems a lifetime.  But then suddenly, you’re able to move and jump out of bed.  You’re a sweaty mess… frightened, confused, and unsure if you should tell anyone about what’s going on because, lets face it, who’s gonna believe you???

This was my life for about a year as a 16 year old teenager.  This is my true story.

It started soon after playing with an Oujia board.  Yeah, I know what a HUGE mistake that was now.  Although you can find these boards at your local toy store – they are nothing to be played with.  Trust me, never ever, ever interact with one of these things.

After watching a scary movie, I thought it might be fun to buy a Ouija board.  Soon after bringing it home, my best friend at the time and cousin decided to go into my basement and play with it.  We didn’t think much of it.  We were never told the dangers of the Ouija board.  No one really seemed concerned that we even had one in the house, or rather they didn’t understand what it was themselves.  I was raised in a christian home, and always had a relationship with God, but at that point I seemed to be straying away.  I was doing my own thing and wasn’t praying or talking to God like I had used to do. But still, I did not correlate using the board to having anything to do with disobeying God – only because I was ignorant and thought it was a innocent game.  I believed that whatever came of it couldn’t be real.

Anyway, whenever me and the other two girls would get together to play with the board, we would ask it silly questions like, where is the remote hiding and how many kids would we have when we grew up.  I don’t remember all the answers it gave us, but most were entertaining enough that we kept at it.  As time progressed though, we started to notice that it would ask specifically for me when I my hands weren’t on it.  When I would participate, it would spell out and tell me to “shut up” and not ask any questions.  It continuously focused on me and claimed we were married in another life.  This was the last straw that weird-ed me out so much so that I decided to stop playing it all together.  Everyone else agreed, and we boxed the board up and put it away in a drawer, and pretty much forgot about it for who knows how long.

Weeks after ending playing on the board, I started to have episodes of paralysis while sleeping at night.  I would wake and not be able to move.  When this would happen, I would feel a sense of impending doom.  I cannot explain it any better than that.  I just could feel the paralysis coming before it even started.  I could feel it in my gut.

As these episodes progressed, I started to feel a presence come into my room.  I would feel like I was being watched.  I felt as if I was being stalked from the corner of the room.  This ultimately ended with me being assaulted either by being pinched, pulled, or having my bed moved.  I would try to call out for my mom or my grandmother but I couldn’t speak a word.  I couldn’t get a grip of my bed sheets.  I couldn’t do anything.  It was absolutely the most frightening thing I’ve ever dealt with in my life and it would happen almost every other day.  My grades started to slip and I was always tired and moody.  My attitude changed and I was very depressed during the day.  I tried to sleep around other people during the afternoon because I knew I would be up all night long dealing with whatever.

I kept what I was dealing with to myself for almost the entire time I was going through it.  It ultimately got to a point to that when I wasn’t frozen in bed, I would instead have nightmares, but my dreams afforded me the chance to see exactly what was haunting me.  I would always have the same feeling of impending doom before the figure would ever approach. It was 7 or 8 foot tall, completely black, and void.  As soon as it would reach out for me I would wake up in a panic.  When I told my family, they thought I was just having night terrors, and I was pretty much blown off.  At that point I knew I was alone in handling this.

Honestly, I don’t know what didn’t make me think of calling on Jesus Christ for help earlier, but one day during one of my paralysis episodes, I just did.  Of course I couldn’t physically utter his name, but I thought of him instantly and repeated his name in my mind.  And after I called on the name of Jesus for help – it – whatever it was, would immediately leave me alone.

Less and less I would deal with this thing, and when I did, I would call on the name of Jesus Christ and it would disappear.  This continued sporadically until one day it just never came back.  Then, not knowing how to rid myself of the board without doing more damage (too scared to burn it, or tear it up), I took it to a re-sell store and donated it. I know that’s crazy, but i just didn’t know what else to do with that board.  Anyway, this is truthfully what happened to me.

Years later, when I was 22 years old, I was reading online and stumbled across a sleep paralysis forum.  I started to read other people’s stories and compared them to my own.  I couldn’t believe that others had gone through situations that were so similar to my own experiences.  It made me realize that I wasn’t going crazy, and that it was all very real.  What sealed the deal for me is that most people commenting had spoke of participating in something that had to do with the occult shortly before it would start.  This includes playing with a Ouija board like I had, or looking for ghosts, practicing Satan worship, etc.

I learned a lot from my experiences with sleep paralysis.  In my opinion, it’s just not scientific – your body waking before your brain. If you have ever experienced this and believe in God, it is easy to see that this is actual spiritual warfare.  These are demons / spirits coming to harm you.  If you are dealing with this now, I suggest you call on Jesus for help.  If you can’t talk, think of him.  You may think what I am saying is foolish, but what do you have to lose by trying???  I just have to say, my belief and trust in God was certainly made stronger by realizing what he brought me from – possible demonic possession by something very evil.

Have you ever dealt with sleep paralysis?  How did you get it to stop??  Leave me a comment, I am very interested in reading from you.



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