My Favorite Shots of Toledo, Ohio



Don’t you hate deleting old photos?   I take so many photos both on my phone and on my camera that it’s hard to keep up and I still haven’t figured out the best way for me to store them all.  Recently I have been making it a small hobby to do something different and carry my camera wherever I go.  When I get the chance, I try to grab take a few shots here and there.  I was going through my Canon Powershot SX530 (BTW this is a pretty awesome camera!) and realized I have tons and tons of awesome pics that deserve to be shared!  I live in a beautiful city (which is more of biased opinion than anything else) and despite our many shortfalls, Toledo still has a lot of potential to become an even better place to live.  That said, I can’t see myself living here forever, but home is where the heart is, right??

Anyway, I wanted to share just a few of my favorite personal pictures that I was able to capture with you of my hometown before I retired the current SD card for a new one.  Check them out below.

I took the girls out to “The Spot” in Oak Openings Metro Park. A lot of local photographers love this place because of the awesome shots of nature that can be made!  Just search #oakopenings on your instagram phone app –  you’re welcome!



Toledo Zoo, Lights Before Christmas 2016.  I must have taken atleast 50 photos but this was my favorite out of them all.  A very warm December night!



A view of the High Level Bridge from Middlegrounds Metro Park.  I’ve only been to this park once but loved it!




After a snowfall on Talmadge Road, Ottawa Hills, Ohio.  I love driving down this street during winter days like this one.



A beautiful Sunday afternoon from home, Toledo Ohio.


A fall morning at Wildwood Metro Park.


While walking through the Toledo Botanical Gardens…


And here is another view on how peaceful it is at the Toledo Botanical Gardens, on Elmer.


Swan Creek Metro Park’s swing bridge.




Last but not least, the annual Susan G. Komen Race for the cure. This one is touching to me not only for the fact of so many people getting together for a great cause, but because this breast cancer has touched both sides of my family, a handful of friends and even myself. Awareness is so important!! So check yourself consistently, and make sure your loved ones do the same.




These are my own personal photos and if you feel the urge to duplicate them or share them in any way, please read my policy on that HERE- under copyright policy :)


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