Game of Thrones RECAP – Olenna Tyrell, you ARE the real MVP! [episode 3, season 7]

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Who would have thought, I am officially a GOT fan.   I have to admit, It took me a while to want to watch this addicting series… and even longer to catch up  on on the episodes in order to watch episode 3 of season 7 (which was aired on HBO this past Sunday, July 30th, 2017) but I am finally here and can honestly say that in this point of the story, things have definitely gone full-blown, bat poop crazy in Westeros.  Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen finally meet, while Olenna’s sassy self had literally the last word when it comes to Cersei.

I loved the exchange early in the start of the show, between Jon Snow and Tyrion when the topic of Jon’s sister Sansa is brought up.  Tyrion admits that he and Sansa have never slept together during their marriage and i’m not too sure if Jon was interested in even knowing that information or not… certainly a TMI moment.

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Jon finally meets Dany in the throne room, and lets just say that sparks don’t quite fly like I thought that they would have.  The two basically go tit for tat, comparing the Targaryen to the Starks and why or why not Jon should bend the knee to the dragon queen.  On top of that, Jon tries to explain why he is actually there and wants to warn her of the white walker situation – but Daenerys acts like she can’t be bothered with it, or that the story is too far fetched for her. Her response to this news is weird to me since after all, she rides DRAGONS!!  I  just wonder how long it will be before they actually find out that they are related, that will the story that actually should be hard for her to believe.

Tyrion later hints at Dany all the reasons (ally, ally, ally) why she should allow Jon to harvest some Dragonstone and she seems to hesitantly go along with it.  In her second meeting with Jon, she lets him know that he will be able to access some.

Back in King’s Landing Euron finally feels like his lick booting is getting somewhere with Cersei, and he may finally have the queen as his wife.  He hands over Yara, Ellaria, and Tyene.. the ladies responsible for Myrcella’s (Cersei and Jaime Lannister’s daughter) death from earlier in the season.  Cersei wastes no time poisoning Tyene in the same matter her daughter was, and forcing Ellaria to watch it.  Now that’s cold. Afterwards, she proceeds to have sex with her brother, clearly not giving a darn anymore about who finds out about their incestuous relationship.

Bran did a heck of a good job freaking out Sansa after finally linking back up.  In Winterfell, he mentions how “beautiful” she was in her wedding dress, hinting at the horrors she dealt with while with Ramsay.  After that very awkward moment, she was not a happy camper and leaves in quite the hurry. Sam heals Jonah of his greyscale.

Finally….. we come to the queen of shade, host of a million seats to be filled, game changer and potty mouth grandmother Olenna!  My favorite on the show has died, but not without going with a bang.

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Jaime and his crew overtake Highgarden, which is where Lady Olenna Tyrell lives.  He meets her, lets her know he is there to kill her, and that his sister has allowed him to give her the privilege of dying with minimal pain from poisoning.  Basically, he felt sorry for what he had to do and wanted her to be  as comfortable as possible during the process.  But, who is Ms. Olenna without getting in the last word?  Who is the lady who has made a job of having her words get into a person’s skin?  It wouldn’t be right if she did not put in a quick jab or to at Jaime because after all – he is still there to make sure she dies. So Olenna does what she is known to do… she bad talks Cersei until Jaime gets tired of hearing about how awful of a queen his sister really is, and lets Olenna know at that point that the conversation is over.

“Will there be pain?” Olenna asks after Jaime pours the potion in with her wine.  “No”, he says.  “We’ve made sure of that.”

As soon as Jaime slides over the poison, Olenna chugs it down in a couple of swallows  and then says with a coy smile,

“Must have been horrible for you as a Kingsguard, as a father. It was horrible enough for me.  A shocking scene. Not at all what I intended. You see, I had never seen the poison work before. Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me.”

YASSSSSSSSSS!!!  And with that, you could see it in his face that all was realized with Jaime, who never actually believed that his brother had anything to do with his son Joffrey’s death.  OOP.



Mic drop.






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